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Translated Book Covers

Posted in March

Four years ago, we published Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance. In honor...

Posted in February

Watch this excellent video on Impact Investing, with practical examples of the Seven...


Posted in November

In October 2016, pioneering  thought leader Carol Sanford kicked off the inaugural Regenerative...

Posted in October

In September 2016, at the Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP16), regenerative consultant Carol...

Posted in September

We are now Regenterprise, a portmanteau of Regenerative Enterprise. In our book, we...

Babushka Dolls

Posted in August

by Carol Sanford It is clear to most of the folks I talk...


Posted in August

by Carol Sanford A current, prevailing worldview is that everything and everyone can...


Posted in August

by Carol Sanford It’s Not about Better Problem Solving! This is the third...


Posted in July

The Regenerative Business Summit will bring together a highly curated, invitation-only set of business...

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  • by Ethan Soloviev
    By Ethan SolovievWith the Regenerative Economy CollaborativeI have previously documented the funds that explicitly state they are investing in regenerative agriculture (here and here). But is their approach to investing in and of itself regenerative?Consider the following conceptual framework, which describes the Four Levels of Paradigm that underlie (usually unconsciously) the thinking and actions of […]
  • by Ethan Soloviev
    Welcome to the first graphical map of the Regenerative Agriculture Industry.Companies, investors, organizations, and farms are included in this map based on the following criteria:They explicitly use the term “Regenerative Agriculture” or “Regenerative Farming” in public-facing communications.Or they invest financial capital into an entity meeting Criteria 1.Hear Ethan & Koen discuss the map in the December […]
  • by Ethan Soloviev
    The brilliance of biodiversity: A red-fleshed apple variety (‘Alma-ata’) from the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan.Finally, biodiversity is having a moment.At the UN Climate Action Summit in September, Emmanuel Faber, CEO of Danone, announced the launch of the One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B) coalition, stating, “We thought we could engineer the life that we needed […]
  • by Gregory Landua
    This is a brief reflection on the following public comment to Vera’s framework on biodiversity and stewardship crediting.There is a long and ongoing debate between “market maximalism” and “state apologism” it imperative to dissect the foundational flaws that reside within both Verra and the Green Finance Observatory’s approaches to ecological conservation and governance.Firstly, Verra’s model, […]
  • by Gregory Landua
    Pre main net launch blog, March 2021To prepare for main net, this blog is a guide for our community about what is being built and what changes from the whitepaper have occurred.IntroductionWhen a small group of humans, passionate about Regenerative Agriculture and ecological integrity set forth in early 2017 to create a planetary health accounting system […]
  • by Gregory Landua
    The Cosmos SDK had an overhaul to enter the IBC world. This is the story of the architecture and engineering approach to this overhaul.The Stargate release is live, and we are close to seeing this code live on the Cosmos Hub. The -once- vision of an internet of blockchains is now a reality. Using Stargate, […]
  • by Mari Stuart
    ESG requirements keep us all on our toes.Imagine getting ready to run a marathon. You’ve trained for months, you’ve built your stamina, you’ve consulted all the resources for successful marathon-running. You’re ready to start. But at the start of the marathon, the organizers suddenly announce that a) the route may change as you’re running, b) you’ll […]
  • by Michael B. Commons
    Regeneration by another nameMy journey with regenerative agriculture has had many beginnings, but today I’ll begin with the farmer in Yasothorn, Thailand who showed me “the supermarket behind his home”. Our time together was relaxing and simple: we caught fish from one of his ponds, collected herbs and vegetables, and prepared what was the freshest meal […]
  • by Terra Genesis
    A conversation with Smallholder Farmers Alliance about the economics of farmer-owned dataOn 23 February, 2023 Tim Tensen spoke with Timoté Georges and Hugh Locke from Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA)about why farmer-owned data economics matter to them and to the world. It’s a great conversation to listen to if you’re new to the concept, or if […]